Recitation Leaders

The success of Critical Encounters relies on upperclassmen EHPers to help contribute to and promote a vertically integrated community. We want to continue to encourage the discussion and communication that helps make EHP what it is. This is more important than ever as the program continues to grow, and we are looking for EHPers who are eager to contribute to the community and who are curious about themselves and others.

Recitation leaders will attend a weekly meeting, usually either Sunday or Monday evening at 9:00PM, in which we will discuss the texts, what being a recitation leader is about, and how the recitations themselves contribute to Critical Encounters and the EHP community as a whole. You will also be expected to meet with your co-leader to plan your recitation and meet with your students each week. In general, being a recitation leader is about a 3 hour time commitment per week. 

If you are interested in applying please talk to Scot Douglass.