Accepted Student Checklist

1. Confirm Your Acceptance to CU AND EHP

1. Confirm with the university that you plan to attend CU Boulder in the fall (Instructions for US Citizens | Instructions for International Students)

 2. Accept (or decline, if you’re not planning to attend CU) our invitation to be part of EHP by the deadline sent to you in your acceptance email. You can do this by emailing us.

2. Submit your housing application & check move-in info

You are encouraged to apply for housing through Housing and Dining Services’ website as soon as you have confirmed that you will be attending CU in the fall. The sooner you apply, the more likely you are to be assigned to one of your top housing choices. You do not need to wait to hear about acceptance to EHP to apply for housing.

A typical Williams Village North Dorm

If you are accepted to EHP: You will be automatically assigned to Williams Village North Hall, regardless of what choices you made on your application. 

If you are not accepted to EHP: Housing will assign you based on your preferences in the housing application.

If you do not know if you’ve been accepted to EHP yet, you do not need to apply for Williams Village North Hall as your first choice on the application, as this will have no effect on whether you are accepted to EHP. While some of the other Residential Academic Programs (RAPs) require application to their program through the housing application itself, we do not. If you have already been accepted to EHP, go ahead and select Williams Village North Hall.

Read about all about Move In here.

For all other housing related questions, please visit: Housing and Dining Services’ website 

3. Take the Mathematical Skill Assessment 

Take this and other placement tests, if needed, before your registration session. Your score will determine which math course you are automatically enrolled in by the College. 

4. Register for Classes

You will be registering for classes during your Summer Orientation session. Below are a few helpful pointers regarding the EHP courses (for all other questions, please speak with your academic advisor).

Critical Encounters I (Required)

All EHP first-years are required to take EHON 1151 during their fall semester. There are three sections being offered, and at least one should work with your schedule. You will be able to search for this class in the registration system and add it to your schedule. This class fulfills one of your undergraduate humanities requirements.

EHP Calculus Courses

Smaller sections of Calc 1, 2, and 3 will be offered for EHP students only. You may take one of these courses, or you may opt to take the same course with the larger engineering community (the material/pace is the same), whatever works best with your schedule and is open. The EHP-only sections are denoted by the section number 549R. So when you register, you can search for any of the following:

APPM 1350-549R – Calculus 1 for Engineers
APPM 1360-549R – Calculus 2 for Engineers
APPM 2350-549R – Calculus 3 for Engineers

Placement Advice from Professor Anne Dougherty, Associate Chair of the Department of Applied Mathematics:

We want you to be honest with yourselves and place yourselves appropriately. We would much rather have you get a solid foundation rather than move on to the next level before you are ready. Also, please note that there is no review given at the start of the next class (i.e. Calc 3 has no review for Calc 1 or 2; it starts immediately with new material).

5 . Check your CU email regularly for program updates

Make sure EHP affiliated emails are not getting sent to your spam.

6. Check out the EHP Textbook Share

The EHP Textbook Share is a great way to get used text books. Take a look and see if any of the text books you need for fall are available to check out from EHP.