Mia Miller & Paula Pulido awarded 1st & 2nd Place in the Diversity and Business Ethics Case Competition

On October 5th, Mia Miller and Paula Pulido won first and second place in the Diversity and Business Ethics Case Competition (DBECC), hosted by the Office of Diversity Affairs and the Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility at the Leeds School of Business. Mia’s team, Team Folsom, took first place and was awarded $7500. Paula’s team, Team Ralphie was awarded $5000 for second place.

DBECC is an opportunity for students to gain real world experience while competing in a case challenge focused on diversity and ethics in a business setting. They aim to bring together diverse and well-rounded students from business schools across Colorado and invite interested students to bring their knowledge, skills, and creativity to compete with other diverse talent within Colorado to win the 2019 DBECC

They were assigned teams when showing up for the competition and given a case Friday at 3PM and then had to present their solutions by 2PM Saturday to a panel of judges.