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In 2006 CU began an Engineering Honors Program to provide excellent students like you with a different type of engineering education—an educational experience that transcends the classroom, is built around community and is designed to match both your personal abilities and ambitions. It might be a great fit for you!

Being part of the Honors Program will give you the opportunity to belong to a community of dedicated fellow students and faculty—a place where you will find true peers. EHP students, while being very good at math and science, are a very diverse group that includes musicians, artists, gourmet cooks, writers, athletes and student leaders whose goals are to become engineers, development workers, educators, entrepreneurs, medical doctors, professors, researchers and environmental policy makers. 

We are very committed to the idea of community and bringing together young scholars and faculty who:

  • Are ambitious without being competitive
  • Are serious without being obsessive
  • Are committed to the success of others without sacrificing their own achievements
  • Enjoy engineering without being defined by it
  • Want to belong to something meaningful
  • Are intentional about who they want to be

EHP students successes and achievements:

Although we are deeply ambitious without being competitive, EHP students are very successful on the world stage: many NASA astronaut scholars; first place teams in the COMAP International Mathematical Modeling Contest, a dozen NSF Graduate Fellowships, a Churchill Scholar to Cambridge University, a Truman Scholar, a Gates-Cambridge Fellowship to Cambridge, a Marshall Scholar to the UK, a Udall Scholar, national award winning leadership and projects for Engineers without Borders, many Goldwater Scholars, students doing graduate work at CalTech, Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Columbia, Harvard, Hopkins, University of Washington, Texas A&M and Northwestern, just to name a few. We also have a Peace Corps volunteer who taught in Nmibia, a Math for America Fellow who taught in the Bronx and a multitude of alumni with cool jobs in industry—Google, Apple, Microsoft, SpaceX, JPL, Lincoln Labs at MIT, Conoco-Philips, Lockheed, Boeing, J.D. Powers, NASA and more!  

EHP academics and benefits:
Although we are not a curriculum-driven honors program, we offer small versions of the regular math sequence of Calc 1, 2, 3 and DifEq.

EHP Residential Academic Program:
One of the cornerstones of our commitment to community is the Andrews Hall Residential Academic Program—home of the Engineering Honors Program as well as Scot Douglass the EHP Faculty Director and his family. Although only incoming Honors students are required to live in our residence, a significant percentage choose to stay multiple years. With classroom and study spaces, a residential faculty member, in-house design and research teams and returning Honors students, our residence is a unique place on campus for you to thrive. Every study indicates that the most important factor in your success next year will be the people who surround you. 

We would love for you to visit us as you make your decision of where to attend college!

Please Note: The Engineering Honors Program has its own review and selection process completely separate from the Admissions process to CU Boulder and the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Although many of you have already been accepted to CU Boulder Engineering, you are encouraged to apply for EHP before you hear back from Admissions. To be accepted into our program, though, requires you also to be accepted into the CU Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science.