EHP was the best part of my college experience by far. This community of passionate, smart, and engaged students draws out the best in those around them. Some of my closest friends are people from other entering years at CU that I would never have interacted with if not for this program. This mixing of ages and class years brought me new ideas, and also gave me opportunities to mentor friends and give meaningful advice about navigating college, jobs, and life beyond school that have had lasting impacts on how I choose to live my life now.

EHP is not about the big events you might read about on this site, but instead the random small moments no one mentions. The acts of kindness and compassion from fellow students. The 2 am conversations. The random Wednesday evening philosophical discussion, or an impromptu dinner party because some of us feel like cooking. What makes EHP special is these moments that no one forces to happen, but bring us together as a community, a group of friends, and a family that make this program feel like home.

There is great comfort in being surrounded by people with similar core values, driving principles, and interests. For me, EHP has been a major source of this comfort. Living among other engineering students driven not only by their own success but also that of their peers contributes to an amazing, collaborative, supportive environment! Whereever EHPers are, the atmosphere buzzes with friends catching up, classmates working on assignments, and lots of laughter!!

EHP is where I first found my family at CU and is still the community where I have my closest friends. What I love most about EHP actually has nothing to do with engineering or being a good student. What stands out to me is the compassion and engagement of the people. The people are truly what makes this program special.

EHPers have a wide range of interests and skills, but a common thing most of us do is share. We share what we can with others in the community and often even with those who are not members. We share ideas, hobbies, enthusiasm, hugs, laughs, tears, cookies, bread, and countless other mundane moments; and they all add up to being part of something really special.