International Service & Study

A large percentage of the EHP community chooses to get involved in the College’s international programs during their time at CU, including…

Some students also choose to pursue the College’s Global Engineering Minor.

EHP students can also apply for Fulbright Scholarships to fund their studies abroad.

Engineers Without Borders

Many students serve the Boulder chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) as both team captains and participants. EHP students have been team captains for the EWB projects in Peru, Rwanda, Nepal, and more. Erica Weiner’s (EHP Class of ’16) EWB Nepal story is currently featured here.

“Joining EWB was one of the main reasons I chose to come to CU for college. We have one of the most active chapters in the nation and there are tons of opportunities for students to get involved! I had the privilege of traveling to Nepal for three months in the summer after my freshman year in order to help build a spring source protection system for a local community in Ilam, Nepal. This experience taught me a lot about engineering and has definitely been a highlight of my undergraduate education thus far!”

Brittany Earle

“I’ve been (and continue to be) involved with the Peru Program of EWB-USA CU, and I’ve had the opportunity to travel with our team to Llacamate, Peru, where we are working on a sanitation project. The whole experience has been incredible, and I’ve learned more than I imagined possible about development, engineering, problem solving, and teamwork. I get to practice Spanish as a bonus!”

Ben Greiner