Design Awards & Projects

In Andrews Hall, Professor Scot Douglass has a passion for helping students with big ideas do great things. Elsewhere, EHP students have won awards in various competitions.

The Grand Orrery

One of the most notable accomplishments of one of our in-house design teams, is the Andrews Hall Grand Orrery.

Fourteen students put their heads together to plan, design, budget, build, and install a mechanical model of the solar system in the Andrews Hall Common Room.

Eitan Cher, Team Captain

You can read about the design process on the website of Eitan Cher, the design team’s organizer (who went on to earn his masters at Northwestern’s Segal Design Institute).

David Rappaport, Fiona Pigott, Eitan Cher, Christina Bonfanti, and A. Samuel Pottinger with faculty mentors Professor Adam Norris and Professor Scot Douglass, on the day of the Orrey “Unveiling.”

The Idea Forge Furnishings

Some of the work desks have handmade artistic designs underneath the glass. Here, Catherine Youngblood is hand-sewing the art.

EHP students aided in the design conversations regarding the building of the Idea Forge.

After it was completed, students spent a summer designing and building the furniture for its commons area.

They dreamed up mobile glass writing boards, work tables with storage compartments underneath, and work desks with a “steampunk” flare.

Andrews Hall Improvements

Students have organically teamed up over the course of Andrews Hall History to improve their environment.

Open the tabs to view each project.

Handmade Coffee Bar

Given the 24/7 demand for delicious teas and coffees, students felt an upstairs coffee bar in the crossover lounge would be an asset- and indeed it has been! An EHP student designed and fabricated this gorgeous handmade coffee bar and she made it right in our very own Makerspace!

The Andrews Hall Dragon

Paige Johnson (’14) loved to create sculptures out of CDs… and she gifted Andrews with its very own dragon, now on display in the Common Room.

Common Room Mural

The mural of an Albert Einstein quote in the Common Room was painted by an EHP student.

Technology Lab

David Rappaport (’14) designed and built custom computers for the Andrews technology lab and special ordered custom desks that fit the space perfectly. He also set up the network.

Study Bar

Students can study on the smooth surface of this study bar that overlooks the Common Room, thanks to a group of students who, back in 2011, built the entire thing without the use of nails! The pieces interlock.

Kitchen Expansion

The Andrews Hall Kitchen gets plenty of use between cooking for large events and just everyday culinary adventures. Unfortunately, it used to be pretty tiny. So Lauren Schmeisser and Fiona Pigott, two very forward-thinking students, drafted designs and worked with facilities to design the expansion of the Andrews Hall kitchen in 2013.

Grandfather Clock Rescue & Repair

In 2013, when Aimee (the Program Assistant back then), found an old, broken grandfather clock at a thrift store one day that was priced low due to it being completely broken, she knew it would find a good home in Andrews and people willing to figure out the complex task of repairing an antique clock. She was not disappointed as she watched a team of students organize themselves and get to work on this very difficult task. Now there’s a beautiful, fully-functional grandfather clock gracing the Common Room with its chimes.

Design Award Recipients

Alternative Fuel Prototype for Shell Eco-Marathon – 1st Place:
 Matthew Sturm and his Senior Design Team
National AECOM Water Academic Design Competition: 
Bryan Bei, Daniela Castaneda, Eric Millinger, and Lauren Schmeisser
National EWB Award: 
Lauren Schmeisser
Awarded for her work with Engineers Without Borders in Peru
2013 AlChE Poster Competition (Materials Engineering and Sciences Division): 
Kayla Weston
1st Place
A Method for Clean H2 Generation from Solar Heat and Water
2013 AlChE Poster Competition (Computing, Simulation and Process Control Division): 
Rachel Viger
3rd Place
Theoretical Model of a Thermochemical Metal Oxide Cycle for Hydrogen Production