Honors ePortfolio Guide

Elements to Include

A list of elements that are required, as well as optional elements you may want to include.

How to Set Up a Google Site

For your ePortfolio, we highly recommend using Google Sites because it:

  • has all the tools you need to fulfill the requirements of the ePortfolio
  • displays no adds
  • is easy to set up even if you’ve never made a website before: it’s a visual editor so you don’t need to know web coding
  • is integrated with Google Docs, Forms, and other web apps so you can easily display work and other documents
  • has a modern design
  • has great privacy features
  • easily connects to Google Analytics so you can track usage/visits
  • can be linked to a custom domain name when you graduate if you want to use it professionally

Here is a guide to walk you through setting up your first website with Google Sites.