Visit EHP

The Andrews Hall Residential College in the Kittredge Residential Community is the home of EHP. Depending on the timing and lenth of your visit you may be able to do any or all of the following:

Sit in on a Critical Encounters class.
  • Meet other EHP students
  • Tour of Andrews Hall
  • Shadow an EHP student and attend a sample engineering class
  • Sit in on a course being held in Andrews
  • Dine at the Center for Community
  • Meet with the Program Assistant, Mary, to ask about any questions you may have
  • Meet with EHP Program Director, Professor Scot Douglass (dependent on schedule)

If you would like to visit, please contact us. The more advanced notice the better.  Please indicate in your message which of the above opportunities you are interested in. 

For more information regarding visiting the College of Engineering and Applied Science itself, please visit CU Boulder’s Visit Us site.

Where is Andrews Hall located?

Kittredge Residential Community

Andrews Hall is a part of the Kittredge Residential Community, and southeast of the main campus. 

You can access the Kittredge Loop from Regent Drive. We are across the street from–and slightly southeast of–the planetarium. 

You will need to contact CU Parking & Transportation Services for information about where to park if you are driving to campus (Andrews does not have it’s own parking spaces).

Take a Look Around Andrews Hall