Program Requirements

The Engineering Honors Program is committed to providing a qualitative, not a quantitative, addition to the normal curriculum. As a result, our structural requirements are very few and are integrated as closely as possible with existing degree requirements. That being said, we do have some requirements.

To graduate “with Honors” as an incoming student, you must:

Actively participate in the Engineering Honors Program. This includes at least one year in residence in Andrews Hall and regular attendance at required EHP events throughout your undergraduate career (approximately 4 per year, including fall & spring banquets and cultural events).

Complete EHON 1151: Critical Encounters the Fall of your first year.

Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3. (Students who have participated in the program all four years, but who do not meet this requirement by their graduation, will still be elligible to wear an EHP medal at graduation; however, they will not receive the honors designation on their diploma.)

Begin an Honors ePortfolio during your first year.

Complete either a Senior Honors Thesis or a Senior Honors ePortfolio.

Note regarding graduating with honors:

The College of Engineering bestows two different types of honors designations upon its graduates: Latinate honors based on GPA and a separate designation (in English) recognizing successful completion of EHP. For more details on graduating with honors, please click here.