Special Events

Here are some annual EHP events that you’ll be invited to via email after your acceptance, so be on the look out for news about specifics.

Admitted Students Day

In April, all admitted undergraudate students are invited to campus for special academic, social and campus life sessions throughout the day, programs, tours, and lunch on campus. We will have a special reception in Andrews for students we’ve accepted to EHP.

Find out details here.

Andrews Hall Welcome BBQ

During move-in week, you’ll have a chance to meet everyone you’ll be living with in Andrews for the upcoming year at a BBQ on the Andrews patio. And odds are after all that moving in, you’ll be pretty famished. We’ll help with that. 🙂

Parents are invited and welcome.

We will provide you with the specifics via email.

EHP Meet & Greet at the St. Julien

This is your opportunity to meet EHP students from each year, who live both on campus and off. Each year we will dress our best and gather at the St. Julien Hotel in downtown Boulder for breakfast and to hear from a guest speaker.