We frequently receive questions about the housing process, so here is some information that is likely to help you as you navigate applying for residence halls, other Residential Academic Programs (RAPs), or LLCs on campus.

Apply for Housing

Andrews W204, an entrant in the CU-Boulder Residence Hall decorating contest. (Photo by Glenn Asakawa/University of Colorado)

You are encouraged to apply for housing through Housing and Dining Services’ website as soon as you have confirmed that you will be attending CU in the fall. The sooner you apply, the more likely you are to be assigned to one of your top housing choices. You do not need to wait to hear about acceptance to EHP to apply for housing.

Important Note Regarding Your Housing Application  

If you do not know if you’ve been accepted to EHP yet, you do not necessarily need to apply for Andrews Hall as your first choice on the application, as this will have no effect on whether you are accepted to EHP or not. While some of the other Residential Academic Programs (RAPs) require application to their program through the housing application itself, we do not. If you have already been accepted to EHP, go ahead and select Andrews.

Automatic Assignment

If you are accepted to EHP: You will be automatically assigned to Andrews Hall, regardless of what choices you made on your application. 

If you are not accepted to EHP: Housing will assign you based on your preferences in the housing application.

For all other housing related questions, please visit: