Accepted Student Checklist

If you’ve submitted your completed EHP application and you’ve received a notification of acceptance, you’re probably wondering what to do next. Here’s a list of things you’ll need to do to get ready.

1. Confirm Your Acceptance to CU AND EHP

1. Confirm with the university that you plan to attend CU Boulder in the fall (Instructions for US Citizens | Instructions for International Students)

 2. Accept (or decline, if you’re not planning to attend CU) our invitation to be part of EHP by the deadline Scot sent you in his acceptance email. You can do this by emailing us, or calling the Program Assistant at 303-735-5631.

2. Submit your housing application & check move-in info

  1. See Housing for details on submitting an application.
  2. Read about all about Move In here.

3. Take the Mathematical Skill Assessment 

Take this and other placement tests if needed before your registration session. Your score will determine which math course you are automatically enrolled in by the College. 

4 . Get connected to the community online

  1. Join the EHP Facebook Page
  2. Add the Andrews Hall Calendar to your Google Calendar. The Calendar ID is
  3. Check out the Andrews Hall Textbook Share to see if any of the text books you need for fall are available to check out from Andrews. 
  4. Check your CU email regularly for program updates (make sure EHP affliated emails are not getting purged as spam).