Dear Prospective Student,

Congratulations on a successful high school career! 

As Faculty Director of the Engineering Honors Program at CU, I wish you great wisdom as you seek the best fit for you this upcoming fall.

The type of community we are creating here involves much more than just being good at science and math. Although that is clearly part of it, we are also looking for students who…

  • Are ambitious without being competitive
  • Are serious without being obsessive
  • Are committed to the success of others without sacrificing their own achievements
  • Enjoy engineering without being defined by it
  • Want to belong to something meaningful
  • Are intentional about who they want to be

If this sounds like who you are or what you want to be like, we welcome you to explore the program further, familiarize yourself with the requirements, learn more about how to apply (below), and even come visit us if you are able.  

Please note, you can apply for EHP before you know if you have been accepted to the College of Engineering. Your application to EHP is completely separate from your application to CU.

Scot Douglass, Ph.D.
Professor, Herbst Program
Faculty Director, Engineering Honors Program

Application Instructions

Acceptance to EHP is highly competitive. We typically receive over 200-400 applications for 80 first-year spots. Application to EHP is a separate, voluntary process from applying to the College of Engineering and Applied Science (it is also separate from applying for RAPs through the housing application).  You must apply to both the Engineering College and EHP. 

Researching our program, visiting EHP, and reading Professor Douglass’ letter to prospective students will help you to better understand the kind of students we are seeking to be a part of our community.

Also, please make sure you are able to meet the program requirements, including residence in Williams Village North Hall for your first year of college and enrollment in Criticial Encounters I in the fall.

Finally, if you are not accepted to EHP, please know that you can still pursue graduating with Latinate honors.

October 1, 2023


Our application opens October 1st

EHP Application

October 1, 2023
February 28, 2024

Deadline to Apply

The EHP evaluation process will begin on February 28th. For full consideration, you should submit your application by the February 28th deadline.

February 28, 2024

Notification of Acceptance or Non-Acceptance

We are typically able to send out notifications of acceptance 2-3 weeks after the deadline. You will be notified via email. Please check your spam/promotions folders as well.

Deadline to Confirm Your Acceptance

See acceptance letter for specific deadline to confirm your acceptance.


  1. Research the program to make sure you understand its nature, the requirements, and the program RAP fee (see below).
  2. Review all deadlines.
  3. Make sure you have a Google Account to use to access the online application.
  4. You will also need a CU ID, which you receive when you apply to the Engineering College. If you have not yet applied to the Engineering College, you can obtain one by signing up for MyCUInfo.
  5. Access the online application
  6. Click “Start Application” and log in to your Google Account
  7. Follow all instructions contained internally within the application.
  8. Note: If you are pasting your essays into the application fields from a word processor (i.e. Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.) you will need to make sure you are pasting it as plain text so it doesn’t carry with it unintended formatting or hidden characters.

Important: Please double check the email address you provide on your application is correct as it is what we will use to contact you initially regarding your acceptance. If it is incorrect, we have no other way to reach you.

About the RAP Fee

The RAP (Residential Academic Program) fee for first year students participating in EHP is $450. 

Your RAP fee covers the cost of hiring instructors to teach in Williams Village North Hall, core events (cultural events, banquets, retreats, etc.) and other program operating expenses.

(Also, we are frequently asked if EHP offers tuition scholarships. We do not, as all Financial Aid is distributed through CU’s Office of Financial Aid.)


Do I need to wait until I am accepted to the College to apply?

No. In fact, we encourage you to apply as soon as the online application becomes available in September. Your participation on our program is, of course, contingent on your acceptance to the College of Engineering. 

Do I need to be invited to apply?

No. We are distinct from the College of Arts and Sciences’ general honors program (that engineering students may participate in). Their program is by invitation only. We welcome any engineering student to apply. 

When do you review applications?

We review all applications at the same time, starting immediately after the deadline. Notifications of acceptance or non-acceptance will be sent out via email sometime between mid-February to mid-March (at the very latest). Please reference the Timeline & Deadlines page for more details.