Critical Encounters

Critical Encounters is taught by Professor Douglass for EHP students exclusively.

HUEN 1151 – Critical Encounters I

Required of all incoming EHP students, this course fosters a variety of critical encounters (between students, students and professor, students and ideas, students and culture) in order to equip students to more thoughtfully map out who they are, who they want to be and ways to be intentional about pursuing that. We do this through philosophy, literature, and film. Among other problems, we examine:

  • how we organize knowledge and construct meaning, and
  • how we locate a sense of self as both individuals and members of various groups amidst the resources and demands of competing interpretations, traditions challenges and circumstances.

Classes are held twice a week and students also participate in weekly recitation groups led by upperclassmen EHP students.

Some of the literature we read include sections from Plato, Heidegger, Homer, Annie Dillard, Edwin A. Abbot, and many others.

HUEN 3100 – Advanced Humanities for Engineers: Critical Encounters II

CE2 is an elective offered each Spring for graduating seniors. Whereas CE1 frames what it means to be an authentic and intentional person with their undergraduate university education ahead of them, CE2 looks back at this education and forward to what’s next. We explore what it means to be a fully human being: through group discussion and closely examining individual works of culturally and historically significant philosophy, literature and art.