Welcome to EHP

We are a community of students and faculty who are deeply ambitious without being competitivecommitted to the success of others without sacrificing our own achievements, and who enjoy engineering without being defined by it.

Housed in the Andrews Hall Residential College in the Kittredge Residential Community at the University of Colorado Boulder, our community of over 300 students and faculty are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in our personal and collective ambitions. In addition to excelling at math and science, we are a diverse group that includes musicians, artists, gourmet cooks, ROTC cadets, writers, PLC participants, athletes and student leaders with various goals. Some of those goals are to become engineers, development workers, educators, entrepreneurs, medical doctors, professors, researchers and environmental policy makers.

The Honors Experience

From our inception, we’ve understood that our mission must be grounded in a community-based approach to promoting excellence both within and beyond the classroom. We seek to do this through…

Faculty in Residence

In addition to two Marinus G. Smith Awards, conferred by New Student and Family Programs in conjunction with the CU Parents Association, and making the new 2018 Dean’s Top Ten Performance in Teaching List, the College of Engineering and the…

Critical Encounters

Critical Encounters is taught by Professor Douglass for EHP students exclusively.

Idea Forge Makerspace

As soon as EHP moved into Andrews Hall, students began dreaming of building a workshop where they could design and built their own hands-on projects…

EHP in the News

In 2006, Scot was chosen to develop and direct the Engineering Honors Program. In 2009, when Scot and Kathleen decided to move into Andrews in addition to directing the program, the news made headlines.

Our Story

In 2005, under the leadership of then Associate Dean John Bennett, many of the college’s most accomplished teachers got together and asked the simple question:  Are we providing the best possible education for our very best students?