Saikripa Radhakrishnan Wins Genentech Outstanding Student Award

Congratulations to junior Saikripa Radhakrishnan, who won the 2012-13 Genentech Outstanding Student Award. This award includes both a cash prize and an optional summer internship. No stranger to awards, Sai has also been the recipient of a Goldwater Scholarship.

Sai has been conducting undergrad research in the labs of Associate Professor Stephanie Bryant and Mechanical Engineering Professor Richard Regueiro. In the Bryant lab, Sai researches the properties of chondrocyte cells to assess the production of cartilage cells. She is currently working on an independent project to test osmolarity sources and their effect on the behavior of cartilage-saturated hydrogels. In the Regueiro lab, she is trying to computationally model the ocular lens and see how the structure of the lens becomes altered through puncturing.

Article edited and reposted from the original on CU Boulder Today.